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Is natural healing a myth or a reality? It’s all up to you to decide.

Natural healing is holistic healing. It is a process by which a person’s health is restored in the most natural way without the use of conventional medicine throughout the healing process. The human body is blessed with divine gifts in the form of natural resources that enable not only the enhancement of health but also the freedom from any type of illness.

Natural healing is effective because it uses the power of the mind through affirmation and visualization, meditation, the goodness of nature through natural herbs and healthful foods, and the energy of your body through hand massage, yoga, and acupuncture to bring about healing of the body, the mind, and the soul. In order to prevent any future relapse and to guarantee long-term cure, the healing has to be complete and wholesome. In addition, in natural healing, there is no need to take any form of chemicals or to undergo any invasive procedure, which may not only produce negative side effects but also interrupt with the natural healing process.

Natural healing has long proven to be a very good alternative to the traditional way of healing practiced by medical doctors. As a matter of fact, many natural healing clinics have sprung up across the United States. People are using natural healing techniques more than anything else mainly because they are highly effective with minimal or zero side effects, and they are less expensive than treatments of conventional medicine.

Be a natural healer of your own disease.

First of all, you must know the difference between healing and treatment: treatment originates from the outside, whereas healing comes from within; treatment aims at removing symptoms of disease, while healing tackles the source of disease.

Next, natural healing begins with the mind first. Your mind controls your body, and everything you do and think. Therefore, to heal, your mind must express the intention to heal, without which there is no cure or healing. Your intention to heal is then manifested in focus, which directs your mind towards the goal to heal. To reach that goal, you need resources; that is, you must empower yourself with knowledge so that you may know how to heal yourself. Knowledge is power: it may establish a connection to your true self, and thereby instrumental in allowing you to make the right health decisions and to live your life in a lifestyle in accordance with your higher purpose. Through the many facets of mind power, such as affirmation, visualization, and meditation, your mind begins its healing process. Healing begins with the mind, and mind healing is always mind over matter. Natural healing is always slow: it does not happen overnight. You need to set your goals, and make your commitment, which is your mental responsibility. Living is a challenge, and so is healing. During the healing process you may have to face different challenges before you can overcome the illness.

Natural healing is a miracle by itself. Bu you have to believe in it first, then empower your mind with knowledge to prepare your body for the natural healing process. With the help of your soul, you can initiate natural healing
as if everything is a miracle.


Stephen Lau

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Healthy eating is one of the ways to deal with autoimmune diseases. To reduce the disease symptoms, eat a healthy diet to enhance the immune system. There are some basics of healthy eating; with a little discipline, they are simple to follow, and may go a long way to improving your immune system.

Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat

You become your food, and your food becomes you, because you are what you eat. What you eat and drink becomes your body chemistry.

Eating Less, Not More

Follow the “three-quarters” rule of eating: stop eating when you are three-quarters full. Never overeat.

Eating Frequently, Not Three Times a Day

You need not follow the habit of eating three times a day. Eat only when you are hungry, not because it is time to eat. Eating smaller meals more frequently is less taxing on your digestive and metabolic systems.

Eating Living Foods, Not Dead Foods

Eat only living foods: fresh, whole, and, preferably, organic foods.

Do not eat processed foods (supermarket foods), which are loaded with colorings, preservatives, and taste enhancers.

Do not eat empty-calorie foods, such as white flour and white sugar: foods are supposed to give you energy and nutrients, not just empty calories.

Also, stop eating foods that damage your thyroid, which is critical to your immune health.


Stephen Lau

Copyright© by Stephen Lau



Myasthenia gravis
, like many other autoimmune  diseases, has many different disease symptoms, which may be difficult to cope with. Given that there is no known cure, according to modern medicine, the only way to reduce its disease symptoms is through your diet.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said, "Let foods be your medicine; and your medicine be your food."

There is so much truth in that statement. All foods contain molecules that are messengers telling your body cells to respond in a certain way, either positively or negatively. In other words, the communication between your body cells impacts how your body functions, in particular, your immune system. Good foods are always better than medications, which work for only 50 - 60 percent of people at best. Therefore, the pivotal role of food on those with myasthenia gravis disorder cannot be overstressed. As a matter of fact, research showed that some patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had their symptoms cured simply by changing their diets.

So, food matters, when it comes to autoimmune diseases, such as myasthenia gravis. When we eat something we are not supposed to eat, our bodies send us a message in the form of inflammation, causing irritation and inflammation in our bodies. Unfortunately, many a time, we fail to recognize the message, or simply ignore it. If similar messages as warning signs continue to be overlooked or ignored, the improper food may cause damage to body cells and the immune system.

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system becomes dysfunctional, such that it has become incapable of differentiating foreign invaders to the body, such as viruses and bacteria, from natural parts of the body, such as cells and tissues. In addition, a compromised immune system may cause imbalance between killer T cells and antibody-providing B cells (the former are like warriors fighting against foreign invaders into the body's immune system, and the latter are like the weapons and ammunitions used in the fight).

To reduce your myasthenia gravis symptoms, change your diet.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation, given that inflammation is one of the common denominators of many autoimmune diseases. Consume gluten-free foods.

Avoid foods that are high in glycemic index, that is, foods that are loaded with sugar. Bagels, breakfast cereals, cakes, cookies, crackers, and all soft drinks are not good for your immune system. All processed foods made with white flour and white sugar are not recommended. Also, beware of hidden sugar; read food labels before purchase or consumption.

Avoid animal fats from beef because cows nowadays are corn-fed, rather than grass-fed; their meat is loaded with artificial hormones that cause inflammation in humans. Accordingly, dairy products should also be avoided as much as possible. Conversely, good fats are good for the immune system; consume more fish, flax, avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds that promote a healthy immune system.

Remember, you are what you eat, and you become what you eat. Use food to help your myasthenia gravis disorder. It may not cure your disease, but it will certainly reduce the severity of your disease symptoms.

Read my book
My Myasthenia Gravis to find out more about the disease.



Stephen Lau
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Living a simple lifestyle is the key to stress relief to preventing disease and  extending longevity. .

In this day and age, living in this complex world of technology is not easy: The complexity of this world has taken a toll on the human mind, creating undue stress, as well as many emotional, mental, personal, and psychological attachments in the material world. For these reasons, profound human wisdom in living is essential to overcoming stress and letting go of all attachments. Simplicity is the first step towards detachment, which holds the key to unlocking the door to happiness. Live a simple lifestyle, deleting all the trimmings of life and living, as well as all the attachments that may have a negative impact on your mind.

Epicurus, the Greek philosopher, had this advice on how to lead a pleasant life: avoiding luxuries, and living simply. The explanation is that luxurious living may make you into a “needy” person whose happiness always depends on things that are impermanent and easily lost.

The late Robert Kennedy once said: “Sometimes I think that the only people in this country who worry more about money than the poor are the very wealthy. They worry about losing it, they worry about how it is invested, they worry about the effect it’s going to have. And as the zeroes increase, the dilemmas get bigger.”

The bottom line: live a simple stress-free lifestyle to help you let go of all the trimmings of life.  A stress-free lifestyle goes a long way to helping your attaining longevity.

A classic example is Ann Russell Miller, a celebrated socialite from San Francisco, also known as Sister Mary Joseph, She, who had ten children and nineteen grand-children, had grown up in luxury and privilege, and had been living a life of incredible wealth. Instead of shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, and decorating herself with jewelry from Tiffany, she suddenly decided to give up everything, and became a nun devoted to living in poverty for the rest of her life. That unbelievable event happened more than two decades ago, and was then widely reported in the media across the country. Why did she make such a drastic and incredible change in her life? She said she had a calling, a true vocation that was hard to understand for the general public, even for the close members of her family.


This 154-page book is about how to live your life
as if everything is a miracle if you just don’t die as you continue with you life journey with the many changes and challenges confronting you, including your loss of vision.

Human existence is meaningless without life purpose and human happiness. The pursuit of longevity has been going on since time immemorial. Consciousness holds the key to the success of this pursuit. Consciousness of living is wisdom of the mind to understand the self, others, as well as how and why certain things happen. Wisdom in living enables one to complete the rest of one's life journey and reaching the destination.

To live to 100 and beyond-if you just don’t die-you must ask questions about life; after all, living is about asking questions and seeking answers to the questions asked, and thereby instrumental in providing wisdom or a blueprint to continue the rest of your life journey.

The objective of this 154-page book is neither to convince you to crave longevity, nor to show you how to live to one hundred and beyond. It simply presents you with the consciousness of living the rest of your years-if you just don’t die!

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Stephen Lau
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An autoimmune disease is a result of the breakdown or malfunction of the immune system. There are more than one hundred immune disorders and diseases.

The immune attack can target any area, such as the joints, causing rheumatoid arthritis, the thyroid gland, leading to an overactive or underactive thyroid, and nerve cells, resulting in multiple sclerosis, among others. Very often, the immune attack may have several targets; that is, if you have one autoimmune disease, you are at risk for a second or even a third disease, especially if you have not taken good care of your immune system. In addition, an attack may have remission, followed by worsening of symptoms. Therefore, the battle against an autoimmune disease is not only challenging, but also devastating.

Autoimmune diseases are becoming more rampant. By and large, women are more vulnerable to them than men are. Men have a higher incidence of mellitus diabetes and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) than women; other than those, women are 3 to 6 times more prone to autoimmune diseases than their opposite sex.
Modern medicine is unable to explain or specifically identify the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases. Despite the advancement of modern science and technology, frustration and disappointment are part of modern medicine in the area of immune dysfunction. Without the capability to identify the causes of autoimmune diseases, there is no cure to date. Accordingly, modern medicine focuses on addressing the symptoms rather than the causes.

The Alternatives

In the past two decades or so, many have sought medical treatments for their “incurable” diseases, using herbs, detoxification, homeopathy, vitamins, and minerals. This holistic non-drug approach to disease control and elimination has come to be known as alternative medicine.

Nowadays, medical universities in the United States, as well as in other parts of the world, are offering alternative medicine courses and complementary medicine programs, while research studies on plant nutrients and vitamins and minerals are being conducted in university laboratories and clinical settings. They are all strong testaments to the effectiveness of alternative disease treatments.

Indeed, in this day and age, many people are becoming frustrated with conventional medicine’s drugs, and the cut-and-burn approaches to disease. However, if you wish to seek an alternative approach to drug therapies, you should first educate yourself by reading books and other relevant materials. It is critically important to empower yourself with knowledge before you make any medical decision. But the decision should be totally yours, because nobody knows better than yourself the health conditions of your own body.


Stephen Lau
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