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Chinese Natural Healing

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                                                         Mind Power to Heal

The Power of the Mind

Begin physical healing with the mind first, not the body. Mind power is the essence of natural healing.

Your physical body is a reflection of your mind. Pain, illness, and well-being are no more than the by-products of your mind. Therefore, the power of the mind holds the key to understanding your health and natural healing.

Your mind processes experiences and information through your five senses. Mind power creates a reality that may not be what it seems. According to TAO wisdom (the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the author of the immortal ancient classic on human wisdom Tao Te Ching), emptying the mind through awareness and meditation is the first step towards attaining mind power because every experience, good or bad, remains only with that very moment. But the human mind is forever creating a reality that is seemingly in the present moment but is really in the past. As a result, in life, one situation leads to another, adding one mental image upon another, and thus confusing the mind. TAO wisdom is the capability to distinguish one from the other, and to see reality as it really is.

In illness as in life, the past catches up with you. Your past thoughts, actions, and interactions influence how and why you become ill. If you can identify the negative energies, which are the sources of illness, you can transform them into positive ones for natural healing and recovery. With mind power, you can help your body develop into a higher state of wisdom to initiate the natural healing process.

However, natural healing will not happen until you utilize your mind power to discipline your everyday inner mind whenever problems arise, causing you pain. Some of these painful everyday experiences include addiction problems, emotional problems, financial problems, loneliness problems, and relationship problems. Dealing with some of these problems is the art of living well, which requires profound wisdom -- specifically, the wisdom of Lao Tzu.

How do you harness your mind power?

According to Buddha, all negative energies can be transformed into positive ones through meditation -- a state in which you can explore your inner mind for the ultimate truth through the dimension of breathing, which reveals how you see yourself in the world. Paradoxically, what makes you sick can also make you well. The key is to relinquish negative energies and replace them with positive ones.

To illustrate, financial problems are one of the major causes of emotional disturbances and poor health.

This emotional poverty (a seemingly insatiable "feeling of lack" which may be applicable to both the haves and the have-nots) not only starves you of the feelings of abundance and security, but also saps you of love and compassion for those less fortunate than yourself. You become less grateful for the blessings you already have, and more grudging in not sharing with others "the little" you think you have. The more you worry about money, the more the worry acts as an obstacle to prevent you from changing the dire situation you are in. Remember, "feeling of lack" is relative.

The Pillar of Mind Power

According to Buddha, attachment to material things is the root cause of emotional poverty. You identify yourself with the things you have or crave, and you imagine yourself without them, thereby resulting in both physical and emotional anguish and pain due to the self-inflicted mental images of lacking and attachment.

Physical poverty is easier to deal with once the basic physical needs are met, such as food and lodging; emotional poverty (forever experiencing "the lack" and "the attachment"), on the other hand, is more difficult is deal with because there is no one way in which enlightenment can present itself, given that each individual’s body and mind are unique. In the Buddhist world, enlightenment cannot be taught; it can only be intuited and experienced through both self-awakening and meditation -- in other words, the individual's mind. Without mind power, the feeling of "the lack" and "the attachment" will perpetuate.

In addition to non-attachment to material things, the Buddhist belief of emptiness may help you dispel your negative thoughts. Essentially, it is a belief that you gain something only by giving up something else you have; therefore, if you feel you have nothing, then you will be giving up only “the nothing” that you have. In other words, if you have nothing, you will have nothing to give up, and you will not feel "the lack" or "the attachment."

In your rational mind, you are anxious about losing everything you have, and having nothing.

To cope with this, practice the following Buddhist meditation by using your mind power to create your thoughts that you possess nothing, thereby creating a vivid realty in your mind that you no longer crave anything:

Sit comfortably and quietly, and breathe normally.

Let yourself feel the fears you have about the material world, such as fear of losing your job.

As each of your fears arises, use your own words to banish it from your mind, and tell it to come back only when it has become a positive thought of healing, thereby creating a new realty in your mind.

As you breathe in and breathe out, you imagine a gentle fire slowly burning away all the negative thoughts in your mind.

Enlightenment through Buddhist Meditation

Buddha believes that everyone has a light within. To find that light and to express it in your daily life, you need to practice meditation.

Buddhist meditation has the following benefits.

It calms your mind.

It eliminates negative distraction in your mind.

It restores the true nature of your mind.

It helps you become the master of your mind.

Buddhist meditation is attained in four stages:

You give up you unwholesome desires and thoughts. You challenge anxieties, negative memories, stress, and any worry you may be struggling with. You must be patient and persistent. You will feel indescribable joy.

You concentrate on your lower abdomen below the navel. You focus on directing your life energy downward to stabilize your mind, and free it from distracting thoughts.

You feel equanimity and well-being.

You awaken yourself to enlightenment.

Meditation enables you to use your mind power to intuit self-knowledge, which opens the door to ultimate wisdom: you see who you really are, and what is really important to you in life. You will have a totally different perspective of the realities of things.

Practice meditation several times a day. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Just do it consistently until your mind is conditioned.

Remember, whatever you think, do, or experience influences your body, as does every aspect of your physical world. Your mind absorbs all experiences, from which it creates your immediate realty. However, your mind can be “tricked” by sensory influences and belief systems; your mind believes the information it receives. Therefore, you need to give it the right information you want it to receive (the positive, not the negative information).

Mind power is the first step toward happiness, which is an essential component of natural healing. You need to know why and how you are happy or unhappy in order to create more happiness for yourself.

By definition, happiness is neither an absence of suffering nor a lack of problems. If your goal in life is to seek pleasure but to avoid pain, happiness will always be elusive and unreachable. It is this eternal search for something elusive and evasive that creates the "unhappiness."

You need to appreciate your senses and their respective experiences they bring to you. In your everyday experience, there is always a trace of happiness to be discovered and explored if you give your mind to it, expanding your emotional and spiritual awareness, without which there can be no true happiness.

How to Think Better

A single thought can change your life forever.

Thinking is a skill that leads to self-knowledge, which is wisdom available to all. Thoughts are the starting point for both words and actions.

Given that the world is governed by the energy of thought, learn to harness your mind power to control this energy in a creative and responsible way.

Connect with your soul, becoming enlightened to receive all of its creative energy and powerful intelligence. Yes, you can think better!

Distorted thinking

Avoid any distorted thinking, which may have long-term psychological effects on your mental health.

According to many psychologists and therapists, your mood is determined by the way you think about your own experience. If you choose to think of unpleasant things, you will experience unpleasant emotional responses or moods. Your thoughts are only what you decide to believe and continually reinforce in your mind. In fact, those who develop mental depression have characteristic patterns of distorted thinking towards life in general until these thoughts become habitual and "real" to them:

Distorted thinking consistently focuses on criticism of others and events, including self. This criticism fosters the characteristic automatic negative thinking (ANT).

Distorted thinking often exaggerates the importance of duty and responsibility to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. Self-importance and demand for attention are defensive ways of hiding inadequacy or low self-esteem.

Distorted thinking demonstrates a tendency to draw personal, negative conclusions from a situation that in fact is neutral and impersonal. For example, a negative conclusion may be based on an overall conclusion on a single event by focusing on one aspect of a situation taken out of context.

Distorted thinking may exaggerate difficulties and limitations, thereby justifying any non-action in any attempt to achieve or accomplish something.

The good news is that if you have learned or acquired those erroneous, self-defeating notions that lead to distorted thinking, you just have to unlearn them, and empty your mind of negative thoughts.

Admission of distorted thinking is the first and necessary step towards redemption; any justification or self-denial will only lead to more distorted thinking. For example, if you are paranoid, admit your paranoia. It is real to you just because your mind thinks it is real. Remember, it is not your imagination; it is only your distorted mind that gives you the distorted thinking. Admit it and seek help. Denial only perpetuates the unhealthy conditions.

Tap into your potent mind power -- which we all of us have -- and harness it. People who use their mind power will make their dreams come true. They are persistent and persevering, taking not only immediate but also repeated actions until they can realize their dreams.

You may have the same yearnings and desires as other people do, but you just stay stuck in a rudder and become unfulfilled because your mind is preoccupied with the unpleasant past experience and haunted by an endless series of “what if” questions for the future. Apply your mind power to your everyday living.

You become what you think you are -- a self-fulfilling prophecy. But you have mind power over your thoughts. Control your own thinking, through mind power, and do not let it control you.

Learn to let go of the past and look ahead! Harness your mind power. Your Creator may have given each one of us a different physical constitution, but He has given all of us the same soul. It all depends on what each individual puts into his or her soul -- and that is the difference. Learn to use your mind power to discipline your thinking. It will make a difference in your life.

Remember, you are what you think you are, and you become what you think you are.

Mind power is creating your own reality to control your own thinking. This is the ancient wisdom of natural self-healing for the body and the mind.

Stephen Lau
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