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Stephen Lau
                                                        WHY CHANGING YOURSELF?


You are living in a world in which everything, without any exception, is forever changing non-stop.

Constant and Continuous

According to Buddha, human life is like a river. The water flowing in a river is like a progressive and  successive series of different but unified movements of water, all joining together to create the impression of being one continuous flow of water. Likewise, human existence is moment-to-moment, with each moment leading to the next. So, it is an illusion that the person in this moment is the same person in the next moment; just as the illusion that the river of yesterday is the same as the river of today.
Even from a scientific point of view, Buddha’s perspective is true. Your body’s cells division takes place constantly: the old cells in your body die and are continuously replaced by new ones. Another scientific illustration is your circulatory system: it beats about 80,000 to 100,000 times a day, while transporting billions of gallons of blood to nourish different body organs throughout your lifetime to keep you survive. Technically speaking, all individuals are constantly subject to change, and the change is a constant and continuous movement, just
like the flowing water in a river.

Palpable and Perceivable

Life is forever changing non-stop, but changes seem to have accelerated much faster and much more intense in the transition phase, which is the period of growth of teenagers and young adolescents.

Changes, which can be both internal and external, are always palpable and perceivable in the body, in the mind, and even in the spirit of an individual, especially if the changes are drastic and intense.

The body

The obvious changes in the human body in the transition phase are easily perceivable: change in height; change in body shape; change in hormones production; and change in overall appearance. These changes are always visible to the naked eye.

The mind

The changes in the thinking mind become more palpable with its increase in the mental input based on more life experiences. In the past, the thinking thoughts could have been a micro reflection of those of the parents or the people around. Now, the thinking mind may become more subjective and individualized, such as focusing more on the pleasant and less on the unpleasant, or processing and interpreting any mental input according to its relevance to the daily life and living of that individual.

The spirit  

The spirit, which is the conscience of an individual, is invisible but always palpable. It is like a wind that cannot be seen but still can be felt according to the right or wrong doing of that individual.

Positive and Negative

Changes can be both positive and negative, depending on the thinking mind-how it perceives, any information, and how it acts and reacts, as well as how it chooses and decides.

The body

Positive changes in the body reflect the overall health and wellness of an individual.

Negative changes, on the other hand, always bring about obesity or underweight, and many other health issues and problems.

The mind

Positive changes give the thinking mind hope and joy, as well as happiness and satisfaction, to continue its positive thinking.

Negative changes only manifest anxiety and worry, as well as doubt and fear, in everyday life and living.

The spirit

Positive changes in the spirit enables connection or re-connection  with others  so as to have a better understanding of humanity with respect to love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, and loving-kindness.

Negative changes in the spirit only create selfishness and separation from others.

Conscious and Mindful

The essence of change is consciousness and mindfulness

The Creator has created a world of constant changes: everything is changing with every moment, remaining only with that very moment, and nothing is permanent.

So, your consciousness of impermanence is an opportunity for you to change yourself to become
a better individual; while your mindfulness is your capability to know what are positive changes and what are negative ones for your body, your mind, and your spirit.


Change is external, and transformation is internal. Change often requires you to look outside of you; transformation is looking inside of you. Change may have a negative impact in that you want to get rid of something undesirable; transformation is enhancing something which in good and which is already innate in you.

Transformation is your discovery or rediscovery of what is already there inside you, but might have become invisible to your naked eye, imperceptible to your mind, and unintelligible to your spirit
. It is your internal shift of understanding that brings about the alignment of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Transformation affects every major aspect of your life, including how you see and relate yourself to the world; and how you understand your role and your surviving and thriving in the world you are living in.

FREEDOM with BONDAGE shows you how to free yourself from your bondage to the flesh by changing yourself. Yes, you have your freedom to "change" yourself.

Stephen Lau
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